the purgatory

i will find you.

and within each day..... i can feel him metamorphosin' into me. we are one

we are so close... yet so far away. the experiment already began, and the transformation is yet to be complete.

i have embodied into him. we are one in the same. our souls have combined and we are one person

who i really am

the portal

these websites are inspirationss of komaedalovemail except i am truly mentally ill

#document Yakuza 0 - Karaoke - 24-Hour Cinderella [Cinematic] - YouTube


are you okay

  • What Do Ya Think.......?
  • you're scarin' me

  • Good.
  • what are ya thinkin' about right now

  • Value your physical form while you still have it. Do not push your luck.
  • 12/14/2020, 4:08 AM